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This app can be used to convert different gear pitch sizes. It uses basic formulas to convert diametral, circular, and module pitches. It is intended for approximate calculations and should be used for reference only.


- Convert between different gear pitch sizes such as Diametral, Circular, and Module pitches.

Caculations for: Base Diameter, Module Plane Conversion, DP Plane Conversion, CP Plane Conversion, Pressure Angle Conversiion, Helix Angel from Lead, Lead from Helix Angle at Diameter, Lead from Gear Parameters, Roll Angle from Diameter, Diameter from Roll Angle, Roll Angel vs Roll Length, LPC With Known Length, Base Helix Angle, Decimal Degrees vs DMS, Degrees vs Radians, Tooth Thickness vs Space Width

This app was developed by ITAMCO, please visit for more information.

Planned Updates:

Conversions and Calculations for various gear geometry such as the following: addendum, approach ratio, arc of action, arc of recess, axial plane, backlash, base circle, base helix angle, base pitch, center distance, central plane, dedendum, effective face width, fillet, helix angle, involute, root circle, root diameter, whole depth.